Adelaide Mini Guide

Adelaide isn’t the first place that people tend to think of when they think of Australia, normally Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast seem to over shadow this small city in South Australia. I was pleasantly surprised by Adelaide, this quaint city actually has lots to do both in and out of the city.

Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan city on the coast and has lots of museums and art galleries on offer, as well as hosting lots of major sporting events. Glenelg Beach is a gorgeous beach with lots going on in the town. Kangaroo Island is also easily reached from Adelaide and is an actual must! Adelaide is also known for its many vineyards and fresh farm produce.

My husband and I travelled to Adelaide a few years back, as my brother in law lives in Adelaide. We decided to fly out to Melbourne to meet him there and spend a few nights there then all drive along the Great Ocean Road together back to Adelaide. We spent a few days in Adelaide and also visited Kangaroo Island too then spent a few more days back in Adelaide before flying home.

As my brother in law lives out there and has permanent residency, my husband and I plan to go out to Australia every couple of years and do a new area of Australia and then tag Adelaide onto our trip for a few days to visit him or meet him elsewhere in Australia.

Even though Adelaide might not be the most well known place in Australia, if your travelling around Australia or plan on doing the Great Ocean Road try and allow a few days to visit Adelaide.

Sights & Activities

Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade is a beautiful Victorian shopping arcade which was built back in 1885, it is located in the heart of Adelaide’s city centre. Today it houses over a 100 unique shops, boutiques and cafes. The decor is stunning and still has its Victorian charm.

Adelaide City Centre

Adelaide City Centre is really nice and easy to get around the city isn’t huge so everything easily accessible by walking. The city itself is surrounded by parks, and in the centre it has a wide range of shops, department stores, boutiques, cafes and eateries as well as host of fine dining on offer. The city itself is also home to South Australia’s Art Gallery.


Glenelg is located 25 minutes tram ride from Adelaide city centre, and is a seaside town which sits on Holdfast Bay. Glenelg has something for everyone with its long sandy beach, shops, sidewalks with lots of cafes and restaurants and it also has a lively bar scene.

We visited Glenelg one afternoon while we were there and would love to go back and visit and explore some more. You can also swim with wild dolphins here which I have done before in New Zealand, but would love to do it here too.

Glenelg has a really nice seaside town charm to it, as well as it being rich in history and still having many of its old colonial buildings still in tact.

There is lots to do in Glenelg you could easily spend a few days here exploring its coast, wildlife and history, and enjoying the seaside appeal of this gorgeous little town.

Gorg Wildlife Park

Gorg Wildlife Park is a family run wildlife park which has been open since 1965. It’s a small park with lots of Australian critters and wildlife to see. You can also cuddle a koala here too, they have set times and dependant on weather conditions to ensure the Koalas don’t become too hot.

You can also walk with wallabies and kangaroos here and feed them. As well as having lots of Australian wildlife here such as Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingos, reptiles and Australian bats and birds there are also other exotic animals, which I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on.

I think this park would be better to just showcase Australian wildlife. They seem to look after the Australian wildlife pretty well with decent enclosures and open spaces, however the exotic animals I didn’t feel were looked after as well and the enclosures weren’t very big.

I think as it’s small I park I feel they would be better just sticking to having small animals and sticking to Australian wildlife. I think by them adding all these non native animals to the park they are trying to do too much. We did really enjoy our afternoon here and if your keen to see koalas and wallabies then this is great little park to visit.


Hahndorf is a small town located in Adelaide Hills and is Australia’s oldest German settlement. It was originally inhabited by Lutheran migrants who came over in the 1800s to start a new life. It used to produce most of the fruit and vegetables for Adelaide and the surrounding area.

Hahndorf today is now and upmarket town with a pretty high street full of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars. The town has lots of German influence which can be seen in its architecture, food and boutiques selling traditional German trinkets and local crafts.

We spent an afternoon here and enjoyed having a drink in one of Handorf’s wine bars and enjoyed a cheese board and wandered around it’s many shops. Hahndorf is a great place to spend a day walking around it’s gorgeous main street and sampling all of its food and wine in the many restaurants and cafes as well as a spot of retail therapy.

Moonlight Cinema

The Moonlight Cinema in Adelaide is a seasonal outdoor cinema which plays new releases and big named films. The cinema normally runs from December to February and is set up in Botanic Park. If your visiting Adelaide while the Moonlight Cinema is on I really recommend it.

It was the best cinema experience we have ever had, it was so relaxing sitting outside on the giant bean bags under the stars watching the film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. We also bought a picnic with us and got there early and had a lovely spread of nibbles for dinner before the film started. While the film was playing it was pretty magical as there were loads of fire flies flying above us, which just added t the ambience.

Mount Lofty Summit

Mount Lofty Summit is the highest peak of the Mount Lofty Ranges in the Adelaide Hills. It is located just outside of Adelaide, and provides the most amazing panoramic views across the cities skyline and out towards the coast.

At the top of the Summit there is also visitor information aswell as a gift shop and cafe. There is also a few walking trails from here that you can take. When we visited we just went to the summit to have a look at the amazing view. As we were flying back to the UK that night we didn’t have much time to spend here.

Food & Beverage


Gepettos is located in Hahndorf, and is one of my brother in laws favourite restaurants. It serves up traditional rustic Italian food and uses fresh local ingredients sourced locally from around Adelaide. The pizzas here were really fresh and delicious.


Sazon is situated in Mount Barker and is a small cafe which serves up great Mexican food with a twist. We came here for breakfast and I had the most tasty sweet corn fritters. This place is great for breakfast or brunch, especially if like us you love Mexican food!

Udder Delights Cheese Cellar

Udder Delights Cheese Cellar is also located in Hahndorf and while here we decided to order a cheese board to share which come with olives, chutney, crackers, nuts, gherkins, meats and a great selection of cheeses. This was perfect sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and having a sharing platter of delicious cheeses in Hahndorf.

Top Tips

My top tip would be if you are thinking of driving the Great Ocean Road, just to carry on driving that little further and head over to Adelaide for a few days. This little city really doesn’t get enough exposure for how good it is and everything that it has to offer it’s visitors.

My other tip would be to plan your trip and work out roughly how much money you will need, as Australia is not cheap and you will end up spending more than what you would in other places you may visit. In Adelaide there are so many great places to eat and drink, try to budget a bit extra so you can splash out on eating out, as the food here is some of the best we have ever had.

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