A Trip To Kuala Selangor From Kuala Lumpur

I had not heard of Kuala Selangor ever before until a few months back while on a layover in Kuala Lumpur. When I was in Kuala Lumpur I decided to book onto a trip with a guide that many of the crew use for tours as I wanted to visit Selayang Hot Springs, Kanching Waterfalls and I wanted to revisit the Batu Caves as it had been years since I was last there.

While organising the trip the guide suggested adding on Kuala Selangor to see the fire flies at night and to stop off at a few other places along the way. I thought why not and decided to do the full itinerary that was being offered, and lots of the other crew decided to join me.

I was really surprised by Kuala Selangor and would really recommend getting out of Kuala Lumpur for half a day or a full day to go and explore this area which is only about an hours drive away from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Sights & Activities

Bukit Malawati Hill (Monkey Hill)

Bukit Malawati Hill is a fortress on a hill which was built in the late 18th Century to defend Selangor from its enemies. The high ground provided a vantage point to view the ships that passed by the Straits of Malacca. The Civil War that occurred from 1867 to 1873 due to the struggle for tin mines had destroyed the fortress which was later taken over by the British.

What remains of the fortress today are some cannons, foundation stones and colonial houses. The Hill has several other attractions as well such as a light house, a royal mausoleum, a viewing tower, a museum, 200-year-old angsana trees and lots of silver leaf monkeys.

The monkeys here an attraction in themselves as they roam freely in the park. The adult silver leaf monkeys are dark haired and the young ones are bright orange. They are more gentle in nature compared to the Long Tail Macaques.

Food can be purchased to feed the monkeys for about ยฃ1 a bag, the monkeys are very confident and definitely not shy when it comes to approaching you to get some food and are more than happy to climb up you. Just be careful as these are wild monkeys but as long as they don’t feel threatened or under attack they are very friendly. This was a real highlight on our trip out to Kuala Selangor and is a must for any animal lovers visiting the area.

Kampung Kuantan

Kampung Kuantan is a small village that is surrounded with palm trees. This village is situated about 5 miles away from Kuala Selangor. The fireflies are what attracts many tourists to this area and as well as the gorgeous mangroves and fireflies there is a great opportunity to observe wild eagles and sea birds feeding over the water.

Witnessing the seabirds at sunset was an absolute amazing opportunity, and it was so surreal watching the sunset over the Selangor River mouth and getting to see so many birds swooping over the water. The photos really don’t do it justice, after watching the birds the boat then takes you further down the river as day turns into night all the fireflies can be seen in full force twinkling in the trees.

Our driver took us to to D-Tour boat company and from memory it was about ยฃ7 to see both the wild birds and to finish off with the fireflies. This was an amazing experience and it’s really relaxing and a great way to finish a day of sightseeing.

Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple

Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple is on an acre of elevated land in Bukit Rotan in Kuala Selangor. We stopped here on the way to Bukit Malawati Hill. This temple is the only temple in the world which displays all 51 Shaktis within the decor. There is also 96 carved pillars that depict the 96 universal principles of Hinduism.This is one of the most beautiful Hindu temples I’ve ever been in, entrance into the temple is also free. You cannot take photos inside the temple, and while we were there, there seemed to be a ceremony going on with lots of music being played and blessings. When in Kuala Selangor make sure to make a a quick stop here, we spent about 15 minutes looking around.

Food & Drink

Kuan Hwa Seafood Restaurant

Kuan Hwa Seafood Restaurant is a well known and popular seafood restaurant in the area, it is situated a few doors down the the D-Tours ticket office. It’s a huge restaurant with views overlooking the river. There’s a large choice of food and several vegetarian options, just ask the server to point them out on the menu as they’re not very obvious.

There are several options of either you can choose a 5 course meal for RM35 per person or a 7 course meal for RM45 which both options are less than ยฃ10 which is such a bargain!

Top Tips

If your planning a trip to Kuala Selangor or even want a driver for sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur then I would really recommend a man called Suria he is really reliable and really well priced, and you can just WhatsApp (+60 18 286 9215) him what you would like to see and do and he will put an itinerary together for you and make suggestions.

Important Information

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