The Best Travel Apps

The Best Travel Apps

Technology has made travelling so much easier, cheaper and more efficient, and there are so many amazing apps out there to download to help you along with your travels. On this blog I want to share with you some of my favourite travel apps that I use to help plan my trips, and ones that I also use while I’m away exploring.


Agoda: Agoda is my absolute favourite accommodation app, I always find them to be the cheapest booking agent in my opinion, and as I book regularly I always earn cash back which I can put towards future bookings. The app is user friendly and the filters are great for narrowing down your search. Book through the BA Avios app to collect air miles, same for Airbnb and as all those points add up overtime.

Airbnb: Airbnb is a booking app to use if you want a home away from home, or want to live with a local, there’s so many people now offering their homes out to rent to tourists for some great prices, and there are so many amazing options to choose from. is another app I use regularly I normally always check their prices to compare with the Agoda prices, and both their apps are really similar and have a really good filter options to help you narrow down your decision on where to stay. Have a look at Booking.coms genius loyalty program, especially if your planning on making several bookings.

Hostelworld: Hostelworld I don’t use a lot however in the past when I have gone to expensive cities or been on a tight budget, I normally have a look on the Hostelworld app. In the past I managed to get a cheap hostel in Singapore. This app is easy to use and great for budget or solo travellers as it gives you the price per person for dorm rooms, private rooms and some guest houses.

Roomer: Roomer isn’t an app I have personally used before however it’s a good one to know about, if you are ever stuck with a non refundable hotel room because your plans have changed, download roomer and sell on your room to other travellers, or if your looking for a great deal yourself maybe in an a expensive part of the world it might be worth having a look on the app to see if you can grab yourself a bargain!


Smart Receipts: Smart Receipts is a really helpful app to have especially if you travel a lot with work, or your just one of those people that like to keep hold of receipts. The app allows you take a photo of a receipt and upload it straight away and you can add dates, notes, prices and exchange rate, it’s so much better than carrying round old tatty pieces of paper.

Trail Wallet: If your on a tight travel budget or just like to keep track of how much you spend while your away, then Trail Wallet is the app for you! You can enter daily budgets and if your visiting several destinations on one trip you can make several wallets, and set the local currency and give yourself a trip budget which it will then break down into your daily budget. You can add what you spend and organise into categories, and the app will even make you a pie chart to show what you have mostly spent money on.

XE Currency: XE Currency app is one I use all the time when I’m away, I always have it on my phone and when I’m out and about exploring and I need to work out the cost of something, it converts for me and you can convert every currency into another so it’s a great app for everyone to use.


EasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair & Wizz: All of these airline apps are great and anytime I fancy a cheap trip around Europe, I always have a play with these apps, and see where I can get a good flight deal to. Sometimes their flights don’t always show up on flight comparison sites and apps, so always have a look at their apps to make sure you’re getting the best option available.

Hopper: Hopper is great if your seeking out a flight bargain as it uses data driven research and predicts prices for flights and hotels up to one year in advance. You can watch a trip on the app, and Hopper will send you a notification of when the best time to book is or advise you if you should wait a little longer. The app is also great at finding the cheapest dates to travel on their calendar.

Kayak, Kiwi & Momondo: All three of these apps are pretty similar they are all flight comparison apps, however each one of them has some pretty good features. Kayak has a watchlist, travel planner, flight tracker and the explore section on the app is good for finding cheap flights. The Kiwi app has airport and aircraft maps and destination guides. Momondo has similar elements to the other apps but also has a hotel comparison section. There are so many flight booking apps out there, download a few have a play and see which one you prefer.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner is one of the most popular flight apps out there, it’s an independent flight comparison website and app. The app has some really good features such as price alerts which is amazing if you hate missing out on the best price, set up a flight alert with the app where you can input a range of dates, and Skyscanner will email you when the best time to book is. There is also an option for month view, which shows you the cheapest times to fly and compares the prices for the month your planning to travel, which can save you money if your flexible. If you want to go away and your on a tight budget type in everywhere in the search box along with your travel dates or month of travel and the app will bring up the options, and you can see where to jet off to for a bargain. Take note when booking a flight on skyscanner sometimes the airlines have extra fees for baggage and other services, so check out their airlines fee page on the website.


Happy Cow: Happy Cow is a must have app if your vegan, vegetarian or just health conscious, the app lists vegan friendly restaurants all around the world. You just type in the destination your going to and it will bring up a choice of restaurants in that area that are either fully vegan restaurants or places that have vegan and vegetarian options, there’s also a display map so you can see where restaurants are located with ease.


Lucky Trip: Lucky Trip is a really fun travel app and if your open minded to where you go and just fancy an inexpensive trip somewhere, all you have to do is set your maximum budget, departing airport and dates, and Lucky Trip will do the rest and show you a variety of trips you can take, and you can just tap through all the options until you get to one you like the look of. Give this app a try to see how far your money will take you and for some inspiration if your struggling to decide on somewhere.

Travelzoo: Travelzoo is an app for anyone that doesn’t like planning their holidays and prefers packages or just really good deals. Travelzoo lists thousands of deals for package holidays, twin centre breaks, city breaks, tours, spa days, UK breaks and much more, there’s some excellent savings to be had on the app and if your quite flexible or just not too sure where you fancy going just browse through all their deals there’s bound to be something on there that catches your eye.


Google Maps: Google Maps is every travellers go to map app, it’s great for working out how to get from one place to another, and allows you to pin places on your map. There’s also an explore feature which is great if you have just arrived somewhere without doing much research and a want to see what’s nearby such as restaurants, cafes, attractions and anything else you could want. To use the map offline you need to download the map prior to loosing your WiFi. is my favourite maps app and has helped me so many times, you need to download the destination map prior to venturing out and loosing WiFi, but I use this app regularly, it’s great for pinning places and while your out and about you can search for places too. It works just like a sat nav and also provides ways to get to a place by giving driving, walking, metro and cycling options. You can also search places by categories such as where to eat, hotel, WiFi and shopping etc. If you download one app today make sure it’s this one, thanks to this app I have managed to explore so many places on my own without getting lost.


Been & Visited: These two apps are completely separate but both do the same thing which is keeping track of how many countries you have travelled to. The Been app also has a USA map so you can input all the states you have been to. Whereas the Visited app has a few more features where you can customise your travel map with different colours and keep lists on experiences you have had.

Holiday Extras: The holiday extras app lets you book all those little extras to go along with any trip such as travel insurance, airport parking, airport hotels, car hire, airport lounges and more. It compares all the options and prices of what’s available, I always use them to book my airport parking and have always had a good experience with them, and it saves all your details so makes future bookings easy and quick to do.

Tipster: Tipping can become a nightmare when travelling never knowing who to tip, when to tip or not to tip. Tipster takes the stress out of trying to figure it out, just input the destination and it will give you all the tip advice you need for that country, and saves you any embarrassment.

TouchNote: If your travelling for a while and want to send loved ones a postcard, rather than traipsing around trying to find a postcard, stamp and letterbox, download the TouchNote app. You can create your own postcard with photos, prints and stickers and design your own layout, once you have designed it you can then get it sent off, it’s a really lovely gesture if your loved ones are missing you, and a nice surprise for them to receive.

Tripit: If you have several confirmations and itineraries, Tripit helps organise all your travel documents all in one place, and you can share your travel itinerary and documents with your travel partner too.


Duolingo: Travelling or not?! Duolingo is a great app to help you learn a new language or even if you just want to learn some basic words or phrases prior to a trip. If your travelling long term and want to learn a certain language this is a great app, and you can fit it around your lifestyle.

Google Translate: Google Translate has helped so many travellers and as the world is becoming smaller this app is helping with language barriers, the app offers voice translation so you can have conversations with locals when neither of you speak the same language. It has the option for text or speaking so if your trying to talk to someone that can’t read it has both options available. There is also text translation where you take a photo of the text and the app will translate for you so it can help translate menus, ingredients, signs and much more.


Rome2Rio: Rome2Rio is one of the best travel apps I’ve discovered, it helps you route and map out your trip. If you want to know what routes are available from getting from A to B, then this is the app to use. Just input where your going from and where you want to get to, and the app does the rest and will list all options available to you such as flights, ferries, trains, buses and more and gives you cost and time breakdowns. It even seems to pick up other available routes that other map apps don’t. This is an absolute must download!

Travel Guides

Culture Trip: Culture Trip have an amazing app and if your looking for lots of travel guides and blogs all in one place then this app is brilliant just type in the destination and lots of travel blogs appear and you can narrow them down by food, attractions, accommodation, guides and tips etc. You can also save any helpful blog posts to your planner page on the app so you can refer back to them. You can also book guides, tours and experiences too.

Get Your Guide: Download the Get Your Guide app to help compare and book tour guides, excursions and experiences. This company tend to have very competitive prices and allow free cancellation if your plans change.

Klook: Klook is an app where you can book local tours, guides and experiences and they are competitively priced and work with lots of local tour operators worldwide.

Lonely Planet Guides: Lonely Planet Guides app is good if you haven’t purchased one of their books, but still want to find all of the must dos in a particular place, you have to download the destination first. Once downloaded the guide displays lists of top attractions and tours you can book, as well as having a section for categorised attractions for example architecture, museums, religious sites, parks, the list goes on depending on which guide you have downloaded.

Triposo: Triposo provides guidebook apps, just download your destination guide and it provides lots of information for local restaurants, activities and events, and you can use the app offline.

Viator: Viator is a huge tour booking agent, there are thousands of tours, excursions and experiences to purchase worldwide, even if your not wanting to book a tour it’s a good app to go on, to have a browse of what there is to do in a destination.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this blog helpful, if so give it a share or pin it for later. Tula โ™ก xx

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