Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re wondering what to buy the travel addict in your life then read my gift guide offering lots of inspiration and ideas which you can purchase for any occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, travelling send off gifts or if you just fancy fuelling your mates travel passion some more. Read through the lists below for lots of travel inspired present ideas and check out my travel inspired gifts Pinterest board too.

Beauty Travel Gifts

Face Mist: Face Mists are the perfect companion to have on a flight or in a super hot and humid country to refresh and give your skin a pick me up. There are loads of beauty brands that sell face mists however my recommendation would be from The Body Shop as they always have a good selection.

Pulsating Face Cleanser: Foreo Luna Go is a great beauty tech gadget this small pulsating cleanser gets deep into the pores of the skin and cleans as well as exfoliates, and also has an anti-ageing setting. This mini version is great to help with tired travel skin as while travelling your skin can often suffer from the dry flights, pollution, humidity etc so this is a great gadget to have to ensure skin is looked after while on the go or can be used day to day when at home. Foreo is quite pricey so if it is out of your budget then have a shop around as there are plenty of cheaper brands that offer similar face cleansing products.

Makeup Bag & Travel Brushes: If your thinking of something to get a girly girl travel enthusiast then purchase the Spectrum Jet Setter Makeup Bag and Brush Set, they have several colours available, the brushes are miniature size and the makeup bag is split in two so the brushes and makeup stay separate and stops damage to the brushes fits great into a suitcase or backpack.

Solid Shampoo/Conditioner Bars & Travel Tins: Shampoo bars and conditioner are not only great for the planet as they are naked package less products, but they are also perfect for travelling as they last between 2-3 months depending on how often they are used, they don’t count as liquids and take up less weight and space than shampoo/conditioner bottles. You can purchase reusable travel tins to store them in too. There are so many brands now selling shampoo and conditioner bars, but I recommend Lush and Ethique for some good quality products and both offer travel cases that you can purchase as extra too.

Travel Manicure Set: Manicure sets are a must when travelling not only to keep your nails and eyebrows well groomed but the small scissors come in handy for so many things.

Toiletry Miniatures: Toiletry minis make good stocking fillers for any frequent traveller, you can purchase mini travel beauty products from most beauty brands. However once again my personal favourite is The Body Shop as they are iconic, smell great, better quality than some other brands and cruelty-free! Grab some mini shower gels, body butter, body scrubs, cleansers, shampoo and conditioners they have lots of choice!

Travel Perfume Atomiser: Lots of perfume shops sell perfume atomisers but my personal favourite and one I’ve used all over the world on my travels is the Twist and Spritz from The Fragrance Store. They offer lots of different designs and colours, and they are easy to fill up and you can get about 100 sprays from one tiny bottle.

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Luxury Travel Gifts

Carry On Cocktail Kit: Yeah you read correctly! You can now purchase mini cocktail making kits for those long tedious flights. If you know someone who loves a cocktail then get them one of these cute little travel tins full of everything they will need to make their very own cocktail on their next flight. There are several companies online that sell a variety of these kits.

Gift Card: If you don’t know what to get the travel enthusiast in your life then opt for a gift card for a travel agent, accommodation or flight voucher or grab a gift card for them to put towards something like a camera, piece of jewellery, luggage etc.

Holiday/City Break/Day Tour: This is a great idea for a partner, sometimes when struggling to come up with an idea for a present for my husband I’ve opted to book us a city break away or a day trip and wrapped up a guidebook and paper confirmations for them to open. Travelzoo, Lucky Trip, Groupon have some great deals for either spa days, city breaks, UK hotels and much more so worth having a browse over their websites.

Jewellery/Jewellery Case: A keepsake piece of jewellery is always a lovely gift, there are lots of travel style jewellery brands such as Float and Pura Vida offer lots of wanderlust inspired jewellery pieces. A St Christopher pendant is a popular piece of jewellery for travellers too and a great trip send-off gift. If you know someone that wears jewellery then look into purchasing them a small travel jewellery pouch, box or case for them to keep their jewellery safe on their travels.

Luggage & Packing Cubes: It’s more than likely the person your buying for already has a suitcase or luggage, so I would only recommend purchasing a good quality one if you’re splurging out on them. Luggage from Away is my personal favourite as the quality is amazing and they come with a lifetime guarantee! Other good makes are Samsonite, Antler, Desi and Tripp to name a few. If they already have some sturdy luggage then maybe opt to buy them some good quality packing cubes to get their luggage organised.

Pashmina: Pashminas or large scarfs are great for any female traveller as they have so many uses not only a fashion accessory but they are great to wrap around on a cold flight, cover shoulders when entering temples or places of worship and can be used on the beach either as a sarong or to sit on. Pashminas are so versatile and a great item for any women to have on her travels.

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Practical Travel Gifts

Beach Towel: There are so many to choose from you can get various shapes, patterns, colours and designs, however if you know someone is travelling long term then opt for a quick dry lightweight towel. Check out outdoor shops or opt for a Turkish cotton towel which are another great option as they too are lightweight, dry quick but also look nice.

Cases, Pots & Bottles: Not the most thrilling of gifts but most travellers will decant liquids into smaller pots or bottles if they are going on short trips. Muji sell lots of small pots, bottles and cases and even cases to store cotton buds, contact lenses, and other smaller items. Muji also sell some good washbags and other travel accessories.

Flight Accessories: To make flying or travelling more comfortable then maybe purchase some flight socks, sleep eye mask or a travel cushion. These accessories are great practical gifts and help with comfort, rest and sleep on long journeys. Spacemasks would also make a good stocking filler or small gift, they are self-heating eye masks and help you fall asleep easier and can be picked up for a couple of quid.

Luggage Tag, Passport Holder & Travel Document Wallett: Luggage tags and passport holders are always useful for any traveller you can purchase personalised ones or ones to suit their personality. I wouldn’t suggest a travel document wallet for everyone as most people now tend to have everything electronically, however if you know someone that still likes everything on paper and a hard copy then this is a great gift to get them.

Reusable Straw/Cutlery/ Travel Bottle/Cup/Shopping Bag: With the world becoming more eco-minded then reusable products always make an excellent gift, opt for a travel or bamboo straw, a reusable cutlery pack and case, travel bottle or travel cup (you can now get collapsible ones too) and a fold-away shopping bag are always handy to have while travelling.

Sunglasses: Kind of an obvious gift for all travellers but something that’s practical and fashionable and you can pick up cheap sunglasses from most fashion shops or opt for a more high-end brand, and pick up a case to go with them.

Travel First Aid Kit: First Aid Kits are one of the most practical items any traveller could need, there is nothing worse than when you’re in a foreign place and not feeling well or have a small accident, so always best to go prepared. A good first aid kit should have some antiseptic wipes, plasters, paracetamol, anti-diarrhoea tablets, rehydration sachets, travel sickness tablets, allergy tablets and anything else you think they could need.

Travel Guide/Book: Guidebooks or travel idea books are great gifts, if you know they are off on a trip then why not buy them a destination guide for that place. Lonely planet has lots of travel trends and inspiration books too.

Waterproof Phone Pouch: A lot of phones now are waterproof, however lightweight waterproof phone pouches are a good accessory as most people still don’t trust that their phones are waterproof. It’s extra peace of mind and a good option for solo travellers so they can put all their valuables in if they wanted to take a dip in the sea without leaving their valuables alone on a beach. Most have a strap too so are handy if you’re doing something adventurous as can attach to yourself.

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Travel Tech Gifts

Camera: Cameras vary massively not only by functions but by cost, decide what your budget is first then think to yourself what and where they would use it, for example do they spend a lot of time in the water or are they thrill seekers etc?! Then it might be worth investing in a GoPro or underwater camera. If they do a whole range of activities on their adventures then try and find a camera with a good mix of photography options. 

Headphones: Listening to music, a film etc makes a journey go so much quicker, either invest and get them some high quality headphones or purchase some stylish ones or headphone accessories such as case, wire clip or headphone covers for them to decorate them with. 

Kindle: Books can be very heavy to carry around so if you know someone who loves reading books while they’re away maybe look into getting them a kindle so they can have hundreds of books all in once place. 

Power Bank: Power banks might not be very exciting gifts but they are so practical and useful when travelling and there are lots of designs and colours to choose from. 

Tech Roll/Case: Tech rolls and cases are handy to travel with, as nowadays we have so many wires and chargers for our devices, having them organised all in one place and not getting damaged is really helpful.

Tripod: Phone or camera tripods are the perfect gift for a solo traveller as they then don’t have to awkwardly ask strangers to take their picture. There’s a whole load of tripods to choose from and ones that even turn into selfie sticks, the Gorilla tripods are also great as the legs bend and can be wrapped around things making it easy to take a photo in a whole range of places. 

Worldwide Adapter: Again not the most thrilling of gifts but an item every traveller needs, and you can get ones with lots of USB ports and by getting a worldwide one means the same one can be taken all over the world and used. 

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Unique Travel Gifts

Map: A map of the world is always a favoured gift idea for a travel addict to adorn their walls with, pick up a scratch map, pin map or colour in map so they can mark off the places they have visited.

Snorkel Mask: If the person your buying for is a beach enthusiast then treat them to a full face snorkel mask, these work amazing and don’t steam up while underwater and in my opinion are much better than standard masks and snorkels.

Travel Candle: Get a small mini candle that’s easy to take on the go for a little bit of zen especially for anyone that’s travelling to bustling cities or crowded chaotic places who might need a bit of peace and relaxation in the evenings.

Travel Journal/Scrapbook: Travel journals or scrapbooks are great for travellers to keep sentimental photos, tickets and other bits and pieces they have collected on their journey.

Unmapped Travel Box: Unmapped Travel has put together some amazing travel-inspired gift boxes which are destination-based their Sri Lanka gift box features lots of ethically sourced goods from Sri Lanka such as a saree bag, a journal, sustainable travel pack, travel wallets and Sri Lanka guide and recipe cards. This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s missing travel at the moment or who might have had a trip to Sri Lanka booked then cancelled due to Covid-19.

Wanderlust Gifts: If you have a browse on Not On the Highstreet, Etsy and Ebay there is a whole range of unique travel inspired gifts from personalised items, travel prints and posters, travel inspired homewares and beautifully crafted handmade items – try searching travelling / travel and see what comes up. The Travel Edit sells really beautiful travel prints that don’t break the bank and you can also create personalised prints too.

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this blog helpful if so give it a share or pin it for later. Tula โ™ก xx

Gift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life - Pinterest PinGift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life - Pinterest PinGift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life - Pinterest PinGift Ideas For The Travel Addict In Your Life - Pinterest Pin

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