Chiang Mai Mini Guide

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city after the capital Bangkok, although Chiang Mai is often referred to as the capital of the north. Chiang Mai is an ancient city set in Thailand’s mountaineous northern region. It was founded back in 1296 when it was capital of the independant Lann Kingdom until 1558. Chiang Mai […]

Kamakura Mini Guide

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Asia and in particular Japanese and Korean culture. Japan was always one of those places I day dreamed about visiting when I was younger, and since becoming cabin crew years ago I have been extremely lucky enough to visit Japan frequently on layovers to Tokyo […]

Ayutthaya Mini Guide

Ayutthaya is the former capital of Thailand when it was the kingdom of Siam, from 1350 it was a prosperous city and international trading port, until it was destroyed in the 18th century by the Burmese. It is located approximately 50 miles north of Thailand’s capital – Bangkok. This once important city of global diplomacy […]

Bali Mini Guide

Bali is a paradise island situated in Indonesia, Bali is known all around the world as a tourist hotspot, and there’s so many reasons why people are drawn to this beautiful tropical island. Bali is known as the island of the gods, as its a really holy place full of temples and shrines. Many locals […]

Hyderabad Travel Guide

Hyderabad is somewhere I knew very little about, and when I thought about travelling to India it was somewhere that never crossed my mind. However this South Indian city which is the largest city and capital of Telangana state is very much under the tourism radar, which makes it the perfect place to explore as […]

Kyoto Travel Guide

If your an absolute culture vulture like myself then I’m sure Kyoto is already on your travel radar! Kyoto was once Japan’s capital city prior to Tokyo, today it is a bright and colourful city full to the brim with authentic Japanese experiences, architecture, temples and traditions not to mention its striking natural beauty! Kyoto […]

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids & Sphinx of Giza Mini Guide

Cairo is Egypt’s bustling capital city and home to the famous Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. Cairo sits on the River Nile and is popular with tourists from all over the world who come to explore an ancient past left behind in the desert. I have always dreamed of visiting all of the 7 wonders […]

Tel Aviv Mini Guide

Tel Aviv is Israel’s cosmopolitan city situated along the Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv is a liberal city with lots going on with lots of restaurants, bars, shops and plenty of world class nightlife. Tel Aviv is a 24 hour city which is always buzzing with something going on. The city makes a great holiday as […]

Delhi Travel Guide

Delhi is India’s capital city and covers a huge area. Delhi is situated in north central India. Old Delhi to the north and New Delhi to the south together create this huge metropolis. Delhi is India’s second largest city and India’s second wealthiest city after Mumbai. Delhi is a real melting pot of different cultures […]

Beijing & The Great Wall of China Travel Guide

Beijing is China’s capital city and situated in the north of the country. It is one of the nations ancient cities and is the political, economical and cultural heart and soul of China. There is so much to explore from it’s historical past to futuristic developments and booming businesses. China has always been somewhere I’ve […]


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