Kangaroo Island Mini Guide

Kangaroo Island is an absolute must when visiting South Australia. I haven’t heard of many people I know visiting it, and really can’t understand why more people don’t travel over to this gorgeous island. It is absolutely stunning and has so much to offer to anyone visiting.

My husband and I travelled to Kangaroo Island a few years back, as my brother in law lives in Adelaide. We decided to fly out to Melbourne to meet him there and spend a few nights there then all drive along the Great Ocean Road together back to Adelaide. We spent a few days in Adelaide and booked a tour over to Kangaroo Island, then spent a few more days back in Adelaide before flying home.

We booked onto the most amazing overnight tour to Kangaroo Island, at the time when booking it seemed quite expensive, but while on the tour we realised how much great value for money the tour actually was. The tour cost approximately £250 each, but included everything. We booked through a company called Groovy Grape which I found out about while reading through the Australia Lonely Planet book.

The tour through Groovy Grape included so much from ferry’s over from Adelaide, overnight accommodation, sand board hire, kayak hire, entrance fees, food and drink and your own tour guide to take you to all the most scenic spots around the island as well as some hiking trails. We all really enjoyed this tour and can’t recommend it enough! If you haven’t got much time then this 2 day tour is the perfect answer.

Below I will be writing about all the places we visited while on the Groovy Grape Kangaroo Island Tour.

Sights & Activities

Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch is a natural landmark on Kangaroo Island. The Arch is a rock bridge which has taken 1000s of years of erosion to create. The arch is located on the southwest coast of the island, and has a beautiful scenic boardwalk which leads up to it.

At the arch you can also view the seal colony living below. It was great to see the seals swimming around in the rock pools and lounging around on the rocks.

Admirals Arch is also the beginning for several hikes throughout the Flinders Chase National Park. The Admirals Arch Boardwalk leads to the Cape du Couedic Lightstation. The Remarkable Rocks which is another natural landmark on Kangaroo Island is also located near by to Admirals Arch.

Clifford’s Honey Farm Shop

We stopped off at Clifford’s Honey Farm Shop, which is a family run honey farm. The Honey Farm Shop provides a selection of honey products, regional produce and also aims to provide information on the unique Ligurian Bee which is found only on Kangaroo Island. The farm shops sells the most delicious honey ice cream which we devoured, it was so tasty! If you stop of here I really recommend trying it.

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is a scenic coastal park, which includes lots of natural landmarks such as Admirals Arch and The Remarkable Rocks. The park has lots of wildlife and vast wilderness areas and beautiful wild beaches. There are also lots of hiking trails within the National Park. We really enjoyed exploring the National Park and it’s stunning landmarks.

Harriet River

Harriet River is a large stream that runs through the south central part of Kangaroo Island until it reaches the Southern Ocean at Vivonne Bay. Our tour guide took us here on the second day and supplied us with kayaks to paddle up and down the river with. We really enjoyed the kayaking and this was another great reason to book through this tour as all equipment that was supplied to us was included.

Little Sahara Dunes

Little Sahara Dunes is located in the south of Kangaroo Island set back from Vivonne Bay. The dunes are heritage listed to ensure they are protected and preserved. We visited the dunes after visiting Seal Bay as it’s not too far from there. At the dunes you can sand board down the dunes, the highest one is 70 meters above sea level. The sand board hire is also included in the cost of the tour.

Sand boarding down the dunes was a real laugh as we were messing around with other people on the tour, the only downside to sand boarding is once you have sand boarded down the dunes, you then have to walk back up the dune in the heat, walking back up the dunes is not easy!


Penneshaw is the main ferry port of Kangaroo Island, and is a beachside Town located on the north of the island. The ferry takes approximately 45 minutes from the Fleurieu Peninsula which is about a 90 minute drive from Glenelg in Adelaide. We didn’t stop long in Penneshaw, but it looked like a really cute and quiet town, there are several attractions here such as a golf course, maritime museum and the towns beach – Hogs Bay.

Pennington Bay

We stopped at Pennington Bay for a quick photo opportunity and stroll along the beach. Pennington Bay sits on the south coast of Kangaroo Island. It is a beautiful bay that is famous for its surfing. Sometimes Dolphins and whales can be spotted swimming off shore. The beach is surrounded by some bush land, which is home to a variety of wildlife too. If your on the Groovy Grape tour you will stop here, however if your visiting kangaroo island on your own be sure to add this beautiful spot to your itinerary.

Seal Bay

Seal Bay is located in the south of Kangaroo Island and is absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful white sandy beach. Seal Bay is a Conservation Park which is home to Australia’s largest sea lion colony. There is so many of them sunbathing along the beach and swimming in and out of the ocean. Aswell as having lots of seals and sea lions that live here there is also a huge amount of seabirds here too.

Seal Bay has a visitor centre at the top of the walkway, the walkway winds through cliffs and sand dunes, here you can also see seals and sea lions getting shade under the boardwalks.

There are tour guides to ensure the safety of the seals and sea lions and to ensure visitors do not get too close to the wildlife. The guides also explain lots of facts about the colony that live here which is really interesting. While on Kangaroo Island I would really recommend a trip here, this was one of the highlights for me, as I absolutely love wildlife.

Snake Lagoon Hike

After our first day of exploring Kangaroo Island, while sitting around having dinner our guide asked if we would all be up for an early start the next day to go to Snake Lagoon. We are so glad we got up early to do the Snake Lagoon Hike as it was really worth it. The hike takes approximately 2 hours return, and is located in The Flinders Chase National Park.

The trail starts by winding through sugar gum trees before then descending into the Rocky River valley. The trail crosses the Rocky River and goes along its bank to the mouth, providing amazing views through the valley and across the Southern Ocean. The beach at the end of the hike is breathtaking, and was one of our favourite spots on Kangaroo Island. We were the only ones on the beach and it was just amazing.

The Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks is located in the Flinders Chase National Park, these huge granite boulders have taken millions of years to create through various weather elements. These rock formations are truly stunning and are located on the coast with lots of picturesque views of the coastline and beaches. The Remarkable Rocks was great to see as they are huge in size and like no other rock formations I have seen before.


Flinders Chase Farm Lodge

While on the Groovy Grape tour they organised our accommodation at the Flinders Chase Farm Lodge. The farm is a working farm and set in a typical Australian bush setting, located at the remote west end of Kangaroo Island, and has a great location on the island, as it’s located near most of the main attractions like Flinders Chase National Park, The Remarkable Rocks, and Admirals Arch.

We spent 1 night here which we really enjoyed, the accommodation was basic and we stayed in a dorm with some others from the tour group. We spent the evening having a bbq there which our tour guide cooked up in the kitchen, we even tried kangaroo meat which actually tasted pretty good! Whilst having dinner we did end up sharing some of ours with the local farm residents – the farm dogs!

After dinner we sat and relaxed around a camp fire, and even saw some koalas high up in some of the farms trees. We also got chatting to some of the farms workers which were Swedish backpackers staying there on working visas. So if you are planning a working trip to Australia this farm could be a potential place to stop off and work for a bit.

We slept pretty good here considering it was a dorm and the good thing was the bathroom was attached to the dorm, which was convenient. We did hear something rustling around in the wall in the early hours of the morning we weren’t sure what it was but as the farm is surrounded by lots of wildlife we didn’t mind too much as that sort of thing is to be expected.

The next morning we got up early and our guide prepared us some breakfast in the kitchen to start the day off. Even if I wasn’t on this tour I would recommend staying here as it’s quirky and something different, the farm also offers private rooms too if your not a massive fan of sharing dorms.

Top Tips

My top tips for Kangaroo Island is if you are visiting on a holiday then I would advise if your time constraint to book onto the Groovy Grape 2 day tour as it packs all the main sites into the tour and is great value for money. You literally don’t have to worry about an itinerary, planning, finding your way around and cost as everything is done for you and everything is included in the price.

However if you are travelling around Australia for a while I would recommend spending some time here if you can, we met a couple that were driving around the island in their camper van, and even had a kitten living in their camper van with them that they had rescued on their road trip around Oz.

When visiting Kangaroo Island do take a fly net, I never have even thought about a fly net before until visiting here and how bad the flies were on the Snake Lagoon hike. One of the girls on our tour come fully prepared with one, and I was so jealous that I didn’t have one, they might look ridiculous but they are so practical here! Also be prepared for lots of other bugs, if your biggest fear is bugs like me take some calms.

Important Information