Seoul’s Coolest Cafes

Seoul has a serious cafe culture! But not just your average box standard cafe, I’m talking quirky eccentric out there niche cafes! Seoul has every type of cafe you can imagine. There are lots of themed cafes and seeking them out and taking regular refreshment breaks is one of the reasons I love the city so much. Here is a small guide to some of the weirdest cafes I’ve visited in Seoul.

Bau House

Bau House is a dog cafe situated in Hongdae, the drinks are nothing to write home about, but the real reason you come to visit Bau House is to pet all of the cute dogs both big and small. There is such a mix of dogs in the cafe and there is plenty of space to play with the dogs and lots of seating. It’s costs KRW8000 which is about £6 and this includes your entrance and a drink of your choice, with a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Bau House

Blind Alley

Blind Alley is another one of Seoul’s animal cafes but this one has raccoons, there are several raccoon cafes dotted around Seoul. This one is located in the heart of Seoul, not too far from the Hongdae area and also close to Seoul’s main palaces and tourist attractions. There is a good selection of drinks, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, you do have to dine in though if you want to enter the racoon room.

Blind Alley

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 (Cafe 2D)

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 named after its location and also known as the 2D Cafe. It is another one of Seoul’s themed cafes, and was designed to create a 2D optical illusion, which makes you feel as though you have crossed over into a comic book illustration. It’s located in the student area of Hongdae, and can get quite busy so try and head to the cafe either first thing when it opens or in the evening. There is also a small rooftop which is hidden away so be sure to have a wander up there too.

2D Cafe2D Cafe

C. Through Cafe

C. Through Cafe has to be one of the girliest cafes in all of Seoul, with hand drawn cream art drinks on offer, beautiful decor and the best tiramisu I have ever tasted. This is definitely on of my favourite cafes in Seoul! This small and quirky cafe is tucked away in Itaewon-dong.

It’s not the easiest place to find as I couldn’t find the cafe on any of my maps apps so the easiest way to find the cafe is to get to Noksapyeong underground station, when you exit the station you should be able see a pedestrian bridge which crosses over the main road, walk over the bridge and then take a right and follow the road around to Rocka Doodle and carry on past there a little further on, the cafe is on the left side.

There is a good selection of drinks on offer but honestly order and experience the cream art drinks they are delicious!

C. Through Cafe

Moomin Cafe

The Moomin Cafe is a cafe and shop all themed around the Scandinavian cartoon The Moomins. If your a Moomin fan like myself then this cute cafe is a great place to visit. They sell lots of Moomin cookies and cakes, there’s also lots of Moomin memorabilia for sale too. The cafe is situated in Hongdae and is situated just by to the Studio Ghilbi shop tucked around the corner from it.

Moomin Cafe Moomin Cafe

Pink Pool Cafe – Hongdae

There are several Pink Pool Cafes around Seoul, they are set in the Stylenanda shops. I have visited the shop in Hongdae and Myeong-Dong, however I prefer the flagship cafe in Hongdae. The cafe is a lot bigger and grander and is so girly and pretty. It serves up a larger selection of drinks and cakes too. I opted for a heart cake which was filled with jam, and the peach cream soda both were amazing. It’s not the cheapest cafe, for a cake and drink it cost me about £10. Try and get to the cafe early if possible as I did have to wait for a table, and the cafe can be really popular. If you love the colour pink and love cake then the Hongdae Pink Pool Cafe is the place for you!

Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae

Pink Pool Cafe – Myeong-Dong

In the Myeong-Dong Pink Pool Cafe it’s on the top floor of the Stylenanda shop, and is set out like a pool area with tiles, umbrellas, pastel pink tables and chairs and even has a shower style fitting room. The roof terrace is up another flight of stairs, I took my peach tea up there and sat on the large frilly floor cushions. There is also blankets to keep warm too, and it’s really nice to be up there away from the madness of the busy street below.

Thanks To Nature

Thanks To Nature has to be one of Seoul’s weirdest cafes, it’s a lovely little cafe down some small steps hidden away from the busy streets of Hongdae. This cafe has a difference though as it’s home to 2 resident sheep which are in a pen out the front of cafe. For the price of a drink you can go in and pet the sheep and also buy feed from the counter to feed them. Seoul has lots of animal cafes but this definitely has to be the strangest one of them all.

Thanks To Nature


Zapangi is one of Seoul’s coolest cafes, it’s about a 10 minute walk from Mangwon underground station. From the outside of the cafe it looks like a bright pink vending machine, but behind the vending machine door is the chicest cafe and has a slight Scandinavian style with white tile bricks and plants, and some neon lights.

What I really loved about Zapangi was it’s ultra feminine drinks and snacks, this cafe is definitely aimed at girly girls. There are cakes served in cute metal tins decorated beautifully. I opted for one with a mermaid tale poking out the top of the cake and chose the Aurora hot chocolate which was decorated with pastel buttercream and pearl like sugar balls. If your a sucker like me for anything decorated pretty this will be right up your alley.

You pay a little more here for the drinks but they were delicious and great for anyone with a sweet tooth. My cake and drink l cost KRW17,000 so about £12 which is more than the average but your paying more for the decoration and the experience.


Thanks for reading, I hope you found this blog helpful, if so give it a share or pin it for later. Tula ♡ xx

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